6 Things You Should Always Tell Your Family Doctor

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Coming clean with your family doctor about a variety of issues can help keep you healthy, but many people fail to do so out of embarrassment or a wish for optimal privacy. However, your doctor can't provide you with the best possible care if he or she doesn't have the whole picture. Following are six things you should always tell your family doctor. How Much You Drink or Smoke Many people are not exactly forthcoming concerning the amount of alcohol or tobacco they consume when discussing the subject with their doctor.

23 June 2017

4 Reasons to Gift Spa Services for a Birthday

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If you're in search of the perfect birthday gift for a loved one, you may be thinking about what would be best. Many people love gift certificates because they can look forward to the experience that they will have. A spa services gift card is a great gift because it offers many benefits! Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why you may want to gift spa services for a birthday.

28 February 2017

4 Tips for Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis

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One of the hardest times in life may be if you're diagnosed with cancer. This can be devastating news and getting the support of your family and friends is ideal. You will want to do all you can to treat this disease so you can return to good health. Of course, depending on the type and stage of cancer you have, this can take some time. It's ideal to be aware of some tips that may be helpful in allowing you to cope with this difficult news and add some comfort to your life.

30 January 2017

How To Take The Best Care Of Your New Eyeglasses

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If you have just been prescribed eyeglasses for the very first time, you need to make sure that you are reviewing the various ways in which you will care for them. This way, your glasses will last as long as possible, or at least until your next eye exam which may not be for another year. Use The Correct Wipes No matter how hard you try to keep your glasses clean, they are going to become smudged, dirty, or covered in rain drops at one point in time.

24 January 2017

Three Bad Habits That Increase Your Risk For Heart Disease

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Heart disease is a leading killer of both men and women over the age of 55. For African American men, that statistic doubles, almost triples, the potential for heart disease and death. Sadly, a lot of the things people do every day put them at higher risk for developing heart disease, thus requiring a greater need for heart disease care in the U.S. Here are three bad habits that increase your risk and how you can prevent or reduce your risk by dropping or changing these habits.

24 January 2017

2 New Breast-Reconstruction Techniques for Breast-Cancer Survivors

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Breast cancer not only takes a toll on a woman's health but also can take a toll on her self-esteem. Once cancerous tumors are removed by lumpectomies or full mastectomies are performed, a woman's once-asymmetrical breasts often become asymmetrical, or else the breast a lumpectomy is performed on can appear misshapen. These dramatic changes in a breast-cancer survivor's appearance can lead to her feeling less attractive than she used to feel during a time when she is already recovering from the mental trauma that being stricken with cancer can cause.

16 January 2017

3 Tips for Restoring Foot Health After Surgery

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After you have had bunion surgery or some other type of foot surgery that restores alignment to your foot, you might feel as though the recovery time is taking forever. You have to avoid putting pressure on it for a very long time and then, you are in a boot for weeks. You might have to do physical therapy depending on the severity of your surgery in order to regain the full range of motion.

6 January 2017