3 Crucial Pediatrics Services You Should Know

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If you have children, it's important to know the different pediatric care services available to you. Your child may need a visit with a pediatrician for various reasons. These could be anything from general check-ups to specialized treatments like speech therapy and occupational therapies. With so many great options, it's important to know the crucial ones that will work best for your family. Here are three services that should be on your radar.

Well-Baby Visits

Every baby needs regular check-ups by a doctor who specializes in children's health. A well-baby visit will provide your child with the opportunity to have important immunizations and screenings. It will also address any behavioral issues they might be having at home or school. It will also allow your child to be assessed for developmental delays and enable you to bring up any questions or concerns that might not have been raised before. It typically involves a physical exam to check height, weight, heart and lung sounds, hearing tests, eye examinations, and screening for lead, hemoglobin and thyroid function.

Your baby should see a pediatrician at least once between their birth date and when they turn one. Well-baby visits can be scheduled at any time of year to grant parents a sense of reassurance about how their little one is doing and help them prepare for an upcoming milestone. To make sure this happens, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Minor Lacerations

Minor cuts and scrapes are one of the most common injuries that can occur daily. Minor lacerations can be caused by slips or falls, accidents with sharp objects like knives, scissors, and broken bottles, animal bites, attacks, burns, and so much more. These accidents may affect children adversely because they have a delicate skin structure. A minor cut on an adult might require minimal medical attention, but it could lead to an infection in a child if not properly cleaned or treated because they have less natural protection against bacterial invasion. Pediatricians can assess the wound and clean and close them with a steri-strip to facilitate healing. They can also prescribe an antibiotic if needed.

Lactation Consultation

A lactation consultant will help identify and resolve breastfeeding issues that could affect your child's well-being. Some common concerns are insufficient milk supply, nipple pain or injury, blocked ducts in one breast while nursing from the other side, or a poor latch on either side. These professionals work with both moms and dads and guide them during prenatal visits to help them learn about signs of labor and how to feed their baby right after birth. They also teach parents techniques for relieving pressure on the mother's breasts.

Pediatric services are essential to the well-being and future of children. They help with child development, preventing disease or injury, and improving health outcomes.


25 August 2021

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