2 Little-Known Lazy Eye Vision Treatments

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If you suspect that your child may suffer from amblyopia, also called lazy eye, or they were recently diagnosed with this condition, then you may be looking into your amblyopia vision treatment options. While there are many effective lazy eye treatments, some, such as wearing an eye patch, are disliked by some children. Thankfully, your child's opthalmologist can treat your child's amblyopia in a variety of ways that your child may not mind. 

Read on to learn about two little-known lazy eye vision treatments and how they work. 

1. Amblyopia Eye Drops 

Some ophthalmologists now offer children suffering from amblyopia special prescription eye drops that contain the medication atropine sulfate. 

These eye drops are placed in the child's healthy, or strong, eye every day to blur the vision of this eye alone. When the child's vision is blurred in their stronger eye, their weaker eye then has to work harder to view images than it does when the child is utilizing both eyes. As the child's lazy eye is forced to work harder, the muscles in the eye become stronger over time, and vision in the eye affected by amblyopia often improves. 

Studies have shown that these eye drops help resolve amblyopia symptoms in about six months just as effectively as the usage of an eye patch can. 

2. Dichoptic Video Games

Dichoptic therapy, also called dichoptic training, is another modern amblyopia vision treatment. Unlike other types of amblyopia vision therapy, dichoptic training not only helps strengthen the lazy eye, but it also encourages both eyes to work together; children with lazy eye often have binocularity problems or problems with both eyes working together.

Dichoptic therapy is often provided to children in the form of dichoptic video games. When playing dichoptic video games, one image is presented to the lazy eye while a slightly different image is presented to the healthy eye. When playing the game, the lazy eye is naturally encouraged to focus on specific images to strengthen it while both eyes must work together to play the game. 

While a newer lazy eye vision treatment, one study found that dichoptic therapy is a viable lazy eye treatment option that works just as well as wearing an eye patch. 

If your child was recently diagnosed with amblyopia or you suspect they may have a lazy eye, then realize that there are many effective amblyopia vision treatments that work just as well as the use of an eye patch. Amblyopia eye drops and dichoptic video games are two little-known modern amblyopia treatments that many children who dislike the idea of wearing an eye patch appreciate. 


23 July 2021

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