Some Specific Ways Orthopedic Rehab Can Help You Recover From Your Medical Condition Better

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If you have a medical condition that affects your bones or muscles or if you have sustained any injuries to these areas, your doctor may recommend orthopedic rehab as part of your treatment plan. This type of treatment can generate additional therapeutic effects that may help your body heal faster and may also be recommended if you've undergone a recent surgery. Orthopedic rehab is designed to promote a more holistic way of healing for everyone who receives treatment. 

Strengthens Muscles

Your orthopedic rehab plan will include a series of exercises that are intended to strengthen your muscles to help your body recover more effectively. These exercises should strengthen the muscles gradually without being too intense to avoid the risk of injury. Some exercises may be performed entirely on your own and you may receive some manual assistance to perform others that might be too challenging to do in your current state. The specific exercises that you'll do will depend on the affected area of the body and the extent of your medical condition, but orthopedic rehab programs often include strength training exercises like:

  • Standing rows
  • Wall squats
  • Heel raises 
  • Step-ups
  • Hamstring curls
  • Lateral arm raises

Reduces Pain

Another goal of orthopedic rehab therapy is to reduce pain so that you won't have to feel as though you're suffering as much while you're healing. You might even be able to lower the amount of pain medication that you need to take if you participate in an orthopedic rehab plan. A study concluded that participants who took part in a rehab program shortly after they started experiencing pain from their medical conditions were seven to sixteen percent less likely to need opioid pain medication in the months that followed.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Orthopedic rehab can also help you regain fine motor skills that may have been hindered by your condition. This therapy is often effective in improving the complex movements of smaller muscles in areas like the hands and feet to improve everyday functioning. If you've had trouble walking or holding objects with your hands because of your condition, orthopedic rehab could make it possible for you to perform these tasks again without difficulty.

Reduces Medical Complications

Certain complications that could seriously impact your health might arise while you're healing, and orthopedic rehab can help minimize your risks. Many of the exercises that are included in an orthopedic rehab program can promote better circulation and lower the chances of developing blood clots that increase stroke, heart attack and fatality risks. You're also less likely to fall and sustain further injuries if you continue to work on strengthening your muscles during your orthopedic rehab program.

When you receive orthopedic rehab care, your doctor will use different treatment methods to aid in your recovery and give you the most satisfactory outcome possible. An orthopedist can design an orthopedic rehab plan that's specifically tailored to your needs so that your body can heal in the best and healthiest way possible.


21 October 2021

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