Is Artificial Disc Replacement Your Back Pain Cure?

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Herniated discs in your spinal cord can cause a wide range of back pain problems that can be incredibly debilitating. Thankfully, there are several surgeries, including artificial disc replacement, that can help. If you are interested in this surgery, this is what you need to know before you make a choice. The Procedure The process of artificial disc replacement requires inserting an artificial cervical disc between two of your damaged neck vertebrae to create a better support system.

31 December 2015

3 Ways To Reduce The Appearance Of Veins

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No one wants to deal with unsightly veins in their legs. Varicose veins can be extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many individuals end up with varicose veins for one reason or another. To help minimize the appearance of these veins and alleviate some of the pain and inflammation, there are a few things you can start doing right away. Pay attention to what you eat If you are overweight, you might want to start by losing the excess weight.

16 December 2015

Getting A Jumpstart On Your New Year's Resolutions: Achieving Your Body Goals

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When you are enjoying your time with family and friends over the holidays, you may be spending much of that free time thinking about the upcoming new year. And as you do so, you might also be thinking of what your New Year's resolutions should be this year. If your New Year's resolutions have something to do with improving your physical appearance or health, there are steps that you can take immediately to get a jumpstart on your resolutions.

30 November 2015

Dealing With Holiday-Related Stress And Anxiety: Tips For You

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As the holiday season swiftly approaches, you may find yourself feeling abnormally overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. While most people just try to barrel through those feelings without thinking about them too much, accepting them as a natural part of preparing for the holidays, you may find yourself having trouble doing so. If you are losing sleep, experiencing panic attacks, or otherwise feeling adversely affected by the impending holidays and all that they entail, you may need a little extra help handling these issues.

12 November 2015

3 Ways In-Home Care Can Help After Surgery

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If your senior mom is getting out of the hospital soon after having a major surgery, such as hip replacement, she may need some help around the house afterwards. If you are not able to take off work to provide all the help she needs, you could look into in-home care services. These are not only ideal for people that need long-term care, but they can also be useful for recovery periods after surgeries, accidents, or injuries.

28 October 2015

A Guide To Getting Listening Devices For Hearing Correction

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Studies show that more than 37 million adults deal with hearing loss. If you are losing your hearing or think that you might be losing your hearing, it is critical to learn all you can about hearing correction with listening devices. With this in mind, take advantage of the information presented in this article, so that you know what to expect to fix your hearing loss.  Recognize The Signs That You Will Need To Get Hearing Correction

14 October 2015

Tips On Communicating With School Staff About Your Child's Diabetes

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The start of a new school year can make parents of children with diabetes nervous. Sending your diabetic child off to school puts much of the responsibility for keeping your child healthy in the hands of school staff.  Communicating important information and remaining in constant communication with school staff throughout the year can help you give you peace of mind. Your child will be just as healthy at school as he or she would be at home if you keep the following tips in mind at the beginning of each school year.

22 September 2015

Dealing With Low Milk Production: Tips To Help You Breastfeed

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When you find out that you are expecting a baby, you immediately begin to plan your future with your new child. This includes your plan for childbirth and, of course, for feeding your newborn baby. However, sometimes your body is not ready to keep up with the plans you have made, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding. If you are among the many women who have difficulty with milk production after the birth of your child, you may wonder what you can do to get your body back on track with your plans.

11 September 2015

Trick-Or-Treat: 4 Candies That Are Scary Bad For Your Teeth Come October 31st

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Halloween is just around the corner. This means that it is time to start planning your costume and determining the route that you'll take for trick-or-treating. While you may be excited for Halloween, your teeth are not. In fact, they're likely pretty scared. Your teeth know that it is about time for them to have to endure sour, sticky and sugary candy. They hope that you'll choose safer, healthier alternatives. It's okay to have a little candy here and there, but Halloween is a time for people to eat excess candy, causing some serious oral health damage.

26 August 2015

6 Signs Your Child Has An Ear Infection

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Ear infections can mimic that of teething pain. It can be bothersome when your infant or toddler has the symptoms of an ear infection, only to be told by your pediatrician that your child is just teething. There are telltale signs that your child has an ear infection and not just teething pain, which will come in handy when your child can't tell you what is hurting. See below for a listing of these signs.

11 August 2015