Tips On Communicating With School Staff About Your Child's Diabetes

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The start of a new school year can make parents of children with diabetes nervous. Sending your diabetic child off to school puts much of the responsibility for keeping your child healthy in the hands of school staff. 

Communicating important information and remaining in constant communication with school staff throughout the year can help you give you peace of mind. Your child will be just as healthy at school as he or she would be at home if you keep the following tips in mind at the beginning of each school year. 

Make sure your child has a Diabetes Management Plan

A Diabetes Management Plan is a plan you can create with your child's doctor's office like Choice Medical Group and with school staff so that your child maintains the appropriate blood sugar level while still being able to participate in all school activities. 

While your diabetic child may require some special allowances throughout the day--like having snacks available in the classroom and occasionally checking blood sugar levels--school staff should accommodate these needs if they are informed. Opening a communication channel between school staff and your child's doctor is the best way to keep your child healthy. 

Provide school staff with emergency contacts

School staff should always have a list of students' emergency contact information. However, parents of a diabetic child should make sure that teachers have not only their contact information, but also contact information for their child's doctor for the fastest possible response to a medical emergency. 

Verify the presence of a glucagon emergency kit

A glucagon emergency kit can be life-saving in the event of a low blood sugar episode. There should be a glucagon emergency kit at the nurse's office at your child's school.

Make sure that you verify the presence of an emergency kit and check and see if there are school workers constantly present who know how to use it. 

Discuss required vaccinations

Diabetes can put young patients at greater risk of infections and illnesses than other students. It's therefore especially important that your child is caught up on vaccinations if he or she has diabetes. This will not only keep your child healthy, but it will also help prevent your child from missing school because of sick days. 

Make sure your child's teacher is aware of necessary diabetes care supplies

Depending on your child's unique case of diabetes, he or she could need to bring supplies to school such as blood glucose meters, testing strips, ketone tests, insulin, and disinfecting wipes. Your child's teacher needs to be aware of any necessary supplies so that your child's care package is constantly kept available in the classroom and when your child is out on field trips. 


22 September 2015

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