3 Ways In-Home Care Can Help After Surgery

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If your senior mom is getting out of the hospital soon after having a major surgery, such as hip replacement, she may need some help around the house afterwards. If you are not able to take off work to provide all the help she needs, you could look into in-home care services. These are not only ideal for people that need long-term care, but they can also be useful for recovery periods after surgeries, accidents, or injuries. Here are three ways this type of care can be beneficial after a surgery.

Mobility issues

One issue a person can have after surgery is problems getting around. If your mom will not be able to get up and down on her own, she will need someone there to help her. This is one reason some seniors go to rehabilitation facilities after surgeries, but recuperating after a surgery can be more comfortable for a person if they can be at home.

If your mom will need help getting up and down, in-home after-surgery care services is a good idea to look into.

Incision care

A second reason to consider hiring in-home care is for incision care. If your mom will be left with wounds that require treatments each day, it might be better to let a professional help with this. If incisions are not cared for properly, they may not heal as quickly, and they might have a larger chance of getting infected.

A skilled in-home worker will be able to properly clean any wounds your mom might have afterwards, and he or she will be able to dress the wounds correctly. This may help your mom heal faster and avoid further problems.

Meal services and other household duties

The third way an in-home care company can help your mom after her surgery is through meal services. In-home care companies can either prepare meals for her, or they might order meals from a meal delivery company. In addition, they can help her with light housekeeping duties, bathing, and personal hygiene duties. In-home care workers will also make sure she gets her medications each day, and that she has everything she needs.

There are so many reasons to hire in-home care services, including for after surgery care. If your mom is scheduled for surgery in the near future, you may want to look into this. This is a great option that will provide all the care she needs to recover from her procedure. To learn more, contact a company in your area that offers in-home care, such as MultiCare Home Health.


28 October 2015

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If you are currently struggling to care for an elderly, disabled or special needs loved one, you likely have little time to take care of yourself. Did you know that failing to take care of yourself can make things more difficult for the person that you are trying to care for? Hiring a home care service to assist you in the daily care of your loved one will go a long way in improving the quality of life that both you and your loved one experience. I have gathered information that can help you decide on a home care service to help you and your loved one through difficult months or years.