4 Benefits Of Medical Marijuana For Chronic Back Pain

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Back pain is a very common complaint and has many possible causes, such as spinal diseases, stress from excess weight, etc. However, chronic non-specific back pain can be harder to treat since there may not be an attributable root cause. If you are struggling with managing spasms, pain, and other symptoms related to your back pain, you may want to reach out to your doctor about medical marijuana. Here are four benefits of medical marijuana for back pain.

24 January 2023

5 Benefits Of Regular Massage Therapy Care For Stress Relief And Overall Health

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Massage therapy has been around for centuries, and its benefits have been widely known. Unfortunately, many people only think of massage as a luxury or something done to pamper oneself. But regular massage is far more than that — it can improve your physical and psychological wellness, helping you to achieve overall health and relaxation. This article will discuss five key benefits of regular massage therapy care for stress relief and overall health.

16 December 2022

What Your ENT Wants You To Know About Inhalant Allergies

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Inhalant allergies are a type of allergy that occurs when someone is exposed to an airborne allergen. When someone with an inhalant allergy breathes in these allergens, they may experience symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. In some cases, the allergens can also trigger an asthma attack.  If you suffer from inhalant allergies, you're not alone. In fact, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergy each year.

14 November 2022

What Will You Have To Do To Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?

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Bariatric surgery is often the last chance for someone to consistently lose a large amount of weight. Diets haven't worked (or they've worked temporarily and then resulted in more weight gain), and you're starting to experience chronic health problems as a result of the extra weight. But getting bariatric surgery requires you to meet several conditions. Some are very basic, such as having at least one or two obesity-related health conditions and being above a certain weight.

4 October 2022

Time For School? 4 Reasons To Include A Visit To The Doctor

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If your kids are getting ready to go back to school, now's the time to touch base with their primary care physician. A visit to the doctor can help your kids avoid health-related problems all year long. Read the list provided below. Here are four important reasons to take your kids to the doctor now that they're heading back to school.  Start School with a Physical Now that your kids are going back to school, this is the perfect time to get them started with a school physical.

2 September 2022

Understanding Medical Cannabis And Its Uses

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The term "medical cannabis" can be confusing to people. The main reason for this confusion is the surge in production and use of CBD, which is cannabidiol. In very basic terms, CBD is marijuana without THC. THC is the ingredient that causes a person to feel "high." Medical cannabis is the same thing as marijuana, whether prescribed for medical reasons or taken recreationally. When used for health problems. CBD is referred to as medicinal CBD, not medical CBD.

29 June 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is a common issue for many people. Like any form of cancer, catching breast cancer early is ideal so you can begin treatment early. If you would like to know more about breast cancer, including how it's treated, keep reading. Who Is at High Risk for Breast Cancer? There are multiple factors that can increase your risk of developing breast cancer. In some cases, genetic mutations increase your risk.

29 June 2022

Tips for Success with Fertility Injections

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Finding out you need fertility injections in order to conceive can be a bit of a shock. Even once you come to terms with this, you need to actually go through the process of administering the injections, which is not always easy either. Here are some general tips for success with the process. Be specific with your timing. Fertility injections are not similar to other medications that you can take an hour late or early without too much concern.

26 May 2022

Does That Rash Warrant Urgent Care Treatment?

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Urgent care facilities are one of the most often misunderstood in the medical care environment. Many times people find themselves wondering if they should be visiting an urgent care center, a local emergency room, or just call their primary care doctor. One of the most common things to send people to urgent care centers is a rash. If you're wondering whether the rash you have warrants a call to the local urgent care, there are some things to consider.

27 April 2022

All You Need To Know About Hearing Loss And How Hearing Aids Can Help

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The human ear plays two roles in the body: hearing and maintaining body balance. Healthy ears, therefore, make it easy to communicate and interact with the environment. However, some genetic and environmental factors can lead to early hearing loss. It is crucial to understand the common causes of hearing damage and how getting hearing aids can help you improve. Here are the four most common causes of the problem. You Are Getting Older

25 February 2022