Important Elements Of Holistic Cancer Treament

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While traditional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation, target actual tumor growth, many cancer patients find that holistic treatment provides benefits that traditional care alone cannot offer. Here are some of the supportive therapy options that can help to enhance a patient's cancer treatment experience and improve their quality of life.

Massage Therapy

While you may not initially consider massage therapy when you think about cancer treatment, many patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation see marked improvement in their stress levels, muscle aches, and circulation with routine massage therapy appointments. Massage also helps to ease tension, promote relaxation, and potentially boost the immune system, which is important when you're undergoing chemotherapy.


Although it was dismissed by most of western medicine for generations, acupuncture is an ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, the benefits of acupuncture have become increasingly apparent, with benefits recognized for cancer patients in particular. Acupuncture can help ease nausea and other discomfort as a result of chemotherapy. This is important because many chemotherapy patients struggle with nausea and vomiting which makes it difficult to sustain proper nutritional levels. A holistic cancer specialist will encourage patients to consider acupuncture for overall comfort and to curb nausea.

Nutritional Support

Holistic cancer treatment includes addressing nutritional intake, which is often challenging for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Your sense of taste is often altered by the medication and the prevailing nausea makes it difficult to eat properly. A holistic cancer treatment specialist can help you find ways to maintain your nutritional balance, including supplements, herbal remedies, and more.

Mindfulness Exercises

Cancer treatment often leaves patients physically drained, but many oncology professionals encourage the pursuit of holistic care for emotional well-being as well. Mindfulness exercises, including meditation, yoga, Tai chi, and art therapy, can help you find an emotional center and maintain your mental health. Cancer treatment takes a toll on your entire body, including your mental health. Reduce the risk of struggling with depression and emotional upheaval throughout your cancer treatments by embracing a holistic approach with mindfulness exercises like these.

These are just some of the many ways that holistic cancer treatment can help you with added support during traditional therapy. With chemotherapy and radiation, adding holistic support can ease discomfort, improve your mental health, and help you sustain your body's nutritional needs. For more information on holistic cancer treatment, contact a professional near you.


26 June 2023

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