All You Need To Know About Hearing Loss And How Hearing Aids Can Help

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The human ear plays two roles in the body: hearing and maintaining body balance. Healthy ears, therefore, make it easy to communicate and interact with the environment. However, some genetic and environmental factors can lead to early hearing loss. It is crucial to understand the common causes of hearing damage and how getting hearing aids can help you improve. Here are the four most common causes of the problem.

You Are Getting Older

Aging is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. As you get older, the hair cells in the middle of the ear deteriorate. These are specialized cells whose function is to transduce vibrations caused by the sounds into brain waves that the mind can interpret. Therefore, when the cells start dying, your ability to decipher sound diminishes. The condition is medically called presbycusis. People with age-related problems have a hard time hearing high-pitched sounds. Hearing aids will help correct this type of loss in hearing because they amplify the sounds in the environment and simplify the work of the cells. 

Excessive Exposure to Noise

Exposure to high noise levels and extended periods can lead to premature hearing loss. People who work in industries whose environment is always noisy are usually the most affected by this problem. Loud noise creates vibrations that damage the membranes of the cochlea. Also, the noise overworks the hair cells and leads to their early death. It is always advisable to wear the ideal protective gear to manage the noise levels when working in such environments. However, if the damage has started, the best way to correct it is by getting a suitable hearing aid.

Medical Conditions and Injuries

Medical conditions and infections also frequently lead to hearing loss. For example, some people are born with genetic conditions predisposing them to problems later in life. The Waardenburg and Stickler syndromes are some common genetic causes of hearing loss. Similarly, some people get bacterial and viral infections that interfere with their hearing. Some infections that lead to hearing damage include otitis media, a bacterial infection that damages the middle ear. German measles is an example of a viral infection that can damage the ears if left untreated.

The best way to handle hearing loss is involving by seeing an ear doctor for a diagnosis. They will perform tests and determine the degree of your loss. From the diagnosis, they can fit you with a hearing aid.


25 February 2022

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