How To Land Your Dream Job In Behavioral Health Care

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If you dream of helping people determine how their actions have affected their physical or mental health, then a career in behavioral health care may be a good fit for you. Behavioral health care professionals play an essential part in the health and medical industry by looking at how closely a person's behaviors are connected to the overall wellness of their body and mind. These behaviors can encompass a wide variety of actions and choices, including eating habits, exercise, and substance abuse. A behavioral health care professional helps support patients in managing their behaviors in order to achieve better well-being. These tips will guide you through some steps to take if you are hoping to land a job in the behavioral health care field.

1) Decide which behavioral health care role you are most interested in performing.

There are a few different opportunities within the behavioral health care field, so it's important to determine which role is the best fit for you. Behavioral therapists guide patients in developing skills and ways of thinking to conquer unhealthy behaviors. Behavioral health technicians team up with doctors to create and implement plans that help patients cope with behavioral issues. Mental health counselors help patients find emotional wellness through psychological care and treatment. Take the time to research each role, and decide which job is most closely aligned to your professional goals. All roles in behavioral health care have different requirements, challenges, and responsibilities, so it's crucial that you choose the best path for you after weighing out the pros and cons. 

2) Get the right education and certification credentials.

Once you've selected the ideal behavioral health care role for you, it's time to ensure that you also have the right education and training needed for the job. Behavioral health care technicians typically require at least an associate's degree, while behavioral therapists and mental health counselors must hold higher degrees (bachelor's or master's) in a relevant field from an accredited program. Many programs have mandatory internship requirements as well. These internships give behavioral health care students the chance to learn in a real-world setting and gain some valuable work experience. After you complete the necessary education and practical training, you'll need to earn certification and state licensing before you can begin working in the field on your own. Counselors in your degree program can advise you about the specific license and certification credentials you will need to obtain based on your chosen career path and where you live.

3) Search for jobs with organizations where you would most like to practice behavioral health care.

One of the most critical steps to landing your dream job in the behavioral health care field is to figure out where you want to actually work. The location where you practice will determine the patients you'll ultimately helping. For example, if you'd like to work with children, you might choose to apply for a job at a public school or a foster care agency. If you hope to provide support to people struggling with substance abuse, rehabilitation centers or homeless shelters could be good places to consider. In other words, look for jobs with businesses and organizations that work with the patient populations that you want to work with the most.

Helping patients overcome challenges and obstacles to reach better health can be a very rewarding career, and the tips above can help you land a great job in the behavioral health care field. 

Learn more about behavioral health care by reach out to a local behavioral health service.


3 November 2020

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