An IUD Is An Effective Way To Prevent Pregnancy That Is Also Convenient

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If you're looking for an effective and convenient form of birth control, you may want to consider getting an IUD. This method of birth control is so convenient because you don't have to remember to take a pill or insert anything before you are intimate. Once the IUD is in place, it stays there for the long term keeping you protected against an unwanted pregnancy. Here is some information on getting an IUD put in by your gynecologist or doctor.

There Are Different Types To Choose From

There are several brands of IUDs but just two basic types. One type releases hormones and the other is made with copper. The different brands have different levels of hormones and they last for a different number of years before they have to be replaced. The IUDs also come in different sizes so you can choose a small one if needed for extra comfort. The type of IUD you choose depends on if you want to avoid hormones or not and how long you want to keep the IUD before you replace it.

The Insertion Might Cause Discomfort

The IUD is inserted in a quick office procedure. Most women are able to use an IUD, even sexually active teens who have never given childbirth. An IUD is usually suitable for all ages and sizes of women, but there are some conditions that may prevent you from using an IUD. Once your doctor has determined you're a good candidate, you can have one inserted during an office visit. The procedure is somewhat like having a pelvic exam except the doctor dilates your cervix to pass the IUD into your uterus. This process can cause cramping, but the pain should be easy to tolerate. Depending on the type of IUD you get, you might have immediate protection from pregnancy, or you might need to use additional protection for a week or two after you get the IUD.

Your Period May Change After You Get An IUD

An IUD can change the way you experience your periods. You might have more cramping at first and then your periods could be lighter or heavier. The IUDs that release hormones can control your periods so they are lighter, which could be an added benefit. However, a copper IUD might make your bleeding heavier or the same, which you might prefer if you want verification each month that you aren't pregnant.

You'll Still Be Fertile When You're Ready To Get Pregnant

The good thing about an IUD is that it doesn't interfere with your fertility. When you're ready to have kids, you can have the IUD removed in a simple procedure and start trying to get pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant, you can keep the IUD in for the recommended number of years until it's time to have it replaced. Since you don't have to rely on your memory to take pills or the availability of condoms or other birth control methods, an IUD can be a much more effective form of birth control and keep you from getting pregnant until you're ready.


25 December 2018

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