Body Ailments And Issues That Are Assisted By Custom Orthotics

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If you have a medical condition, then you should know that custom orthotics services can be used to help resolve the pain and soreness that you feel. And, this is true even if the condition has nothing to do with your feet. Keep reading to learn about a few conditions unrelated to the feet that can be assisted with custom orthotics.

Shin Splints

If you are a runner or an individual who places a great deal of pressure on the legs through physical activity, then you may develop a condition called shin splints. This ailment occurs when tissue damage develops between and around the fibula and tibia bones of the leg. These are the bones that make up the shin and oftentimes the osseous tissue that connects the leg bones together will split or rip apart, and this causes a great deal of pain in the area. 

Shin splints require a significant period of healing, and this means minimizing the pain on the legs. Since pressure and stress cascade up through the feet, supporting and cushioning the feet can allow for the healing of the shin splints. 

Physicians often recommend arch-supporting orthotics for anyone experiencing a shin split issue. These products help to reduce the strain on the front of the leg so the affected tissues can heal properly. Insoles and basic inserts placed into the shoes are sometimes recommended as well.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common issue in individuals who have arthritis. Sometimes the pain may be worsened by certain gait issues, and posture and walking difficulties can cause hip pain as well. For example, pronated feet, knock knees, and even a curved spine can force the hips to remain at a wide or short angle as you walk. 

You can align the hips so they are parallel and balanced by using orthotics that reposition the lower area of the body. If you have a spinal issue, then you may need to use the orthotics in conjunction with a neck or back brace as well.

When it comes to alignment issues and conditions that affect the body mechanics, it is best to speak with a podiatrist about the condition and how custom orthotics can help. You may need more support along the feet, some elevation, or padding to add cushioning, depending on your symptoms and the severity of your issue.

Keep in mind that if you are experiencing any sort of body alignment issue that contributes to hip pain, do not use store-bought orthotics. These can actually make the problem worse depending on how they position the feet. 


5 October 2018

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