Tips For Making Your Bowel Movements Easier While Living With Hemorrhoids

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If you have hemorrhoids, you may have days when going to the bathroom causes you a great deal of discomfort. If so, try using one or more of the tips below to make having a bowel movement easier when you live with hemorrhoids.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the simplest things you can do to help yourself have easier bowel movements is to make sure you drink plenty of water. Water acts as a natural stool softener that keeps your stool soft and moist so that it is easier to pass.

If you are uncertain as to how much water you should be drinking, pay attention to both the consistency of your stools and the color of your urine. If your stools seem harder to push out, you may need to try drinking a glass or two more water every day.

Also, your urine should be clear to light yellow in color, which indicates that your overall body is getting enough hydration. If your urine starts turning either a dark yellow or tea color, drink a glass of water, and check the color the next time you urinate.

Paying attention to both your stools and urine can help give you an indicator of when you need to drink more water. You can experiment by adding a glass after a hard bowel movement and an additional glass when your urine starts turning darker. This experimentation can help you determine how much hydration your body needs on a daily basis.

Add a Tablespoon of Mineral Oil to Your Diet

When you have problems with constipation, the strain from having to push a hard, dry stool can seriously irritate and inflame your hemorrhoids. If you have chronic trouble with passing stools, try adding a tablespoon of mineral oil to your diet.

Mineral oil acts as a natural laxative that helps keep your stool moist and adds lubrication. When mixed in with your morning juice or yogurt, mineral oil can help alleviate some of the strain and discomfort that occurs when you try to deal with constipation while also suffering from hemorrhoids.

Using the above tips can help make your bowel movements a little easier when you are dealing with hemorrhoids. However, if your condition becomes severe enough that you suffer every time you go to the bathroom, make an appointment with your gastroenterologist so you can discuss any other available hemorrhoid treatment options.


11 September 2018

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