Three Ways You Can Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain

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If you have dealt with chronic lower back pain for years, it may feel like part of your life. Do not brush off long-term aches and pains as just part of the normal aging process. Instead, consider treatment options that can lessen your pain and improve your quality of life. Here are few ways that you can improve your lower back pain. Consider combining multiple treatment options for the best results

1. Empty Out Your Purse or Briefcase

Many individuals carry some of bag with them throughout the day, be it a purse, back pack, briefcase, or diaper bag. However, carrying weighted items throughout the day puts additional pressure on your back, potentially increasing your pain. Go through your bag and see what items you can remove. 

If you absolutely feel like you need every single item in your bag, you may want to carry an additional bag that you keep in an area you can quickly access, such as your car or locker. Lighten the bag that you carry throughout the day so that it contains only the absolute essentials and stow the remaining items in your second bag. 

2. Attend Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy includes a set of exercise that are designed to reduce the pain you feel throughout your lower back. Usually, these exercises improve flexibility and strengthen the back and surrounding muscles. After reviewing your current health and the history behind your back pain, your physical therapist will develop a plan that is unique to your needs. In addition to weight-bearing exercises and stretches, your physical therapy sessions may also include the use of heat or massage to further alleviate your pain.

Expect to attend physical therapy for an extended period of time for the best results. A benefit of utilizing physical therapy for pain relief is that most insurance policies include some type of coverage, reducing your therapy-related expenses.

3. Reach a Healthy Weight

If your weight exceeds the recommend range for your height and build, it is important to take steps to reach a healthy weight. The less weight that your body has to carry around, the less pressure that you will have on your lower back. Try making changes to your diet or incorporating more activity into your day. 

Do not be overwhelmed if you have a lot of weight to lose. Even reducing your body weight by a small amount can be beneficial and improve your back pain. As your back pain improves, exercise and the activities of daily life will be easier. Once you feel better and have less pain, your are likely to continue to increase your activity levels.


21 March 2018

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