Got Back Pain? 3 Solutions You Should Try

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Life becomes difficult when pain becomes a constant, aching companion every day. Lower back pain seems to be common for so many people now that your relatives and friends might share stories of their own pain when you mention what you're going through. If you are still searching for new ways to conquer this consistent problem, consider these possible pain-related solutions.

Lose Weight

Sometimes relieving pressure on back muscles will relieve pain too. Weight loss can do that for you. This is sometimes a difficult idea for people. However, reducing body fat can ease or eliminate all pain. Not only does too much fat weigh down the body and back muscles, but depending on where the weight is carried, it can affect your posture, which can strain some muscles and cause pain.

Multiple weight and fat loss programs exist, but most of them revolve around the basic principle of burning more calories than you're ingesting. Monitoring your diet and doing physical activities are generally required no matter which program you use. Your doctor may recommend a dietician and local fitness center to ensure you're proceed well.

If traditional methods have no effect or you weigh above a certain amount, your doctor may discuss gastric bypass surgery or other interventions. However, oftentimes you'll need to fulfill certain requirements.

Have Interventional Injections

Interventional injections, sometimes called nerve blocks, are a medical solution to your excruciating back pain. A chemical is injected to effectively "block" certain nerves from sending pain messages to the brain. Therefore, you'll feel better as long as the chemical is acting in your body. Relief occurs in some hours after the injection and should last for days.

Your reaction to a nerve block may differ from someone else's, as reactions aren't the same. Your physician may actually administer these injections periodically throughout the month according to your tolerance and pain levels. Learn more about the process by contacting services such as Joel D Stein DO PA.

Change Sleeping Arrangements

If your bed is rather lumpy and old, it could be more than uncomfortable; it could be the root of all your muscle pain issues. If you feel awake, alert and pain-free after a night in a swanky hotel, it could be that the bed was superior to your own. You might not yet be able to afford a top-of-the-line mattress, but you can try sleeping in other locations in your home to see if the change helps. You may also outfit your existing mattress with foam pads, mattress toppers and other materials that will possibly make the bed better for your back.

Pain affects so much of your life and prevents enjoyment of activities you once did. Use these ideas and talk through interventional injections and other procedures with your personal doctor so you have a plan for feeling better.


15 February 2018

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