3 Reasons Why Parents Should Use Urgent Care Locations

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Are you the parent of one or more elementary-aged children? Does it seem like you're always taking your child or children to the doctor for one reason or another? Making appointments to see your child's pediatrician can be frustrating, especially when your child is feeling unwell. The soonest appointment available may be days away, during which time your child will still be sick. You could take your child to the nearest emergency room, but unless your child has a broken bone or some other serious injury, then it could be many hours before you're able to see any sort of doctor. Fortunately, there is a third option: an urgent care center. If you've never visited one, here are some reasons why you should consider doing so next time your child is ill:

Be seen quickly: An urgent care center is set up similar to an emergency room, but for people who don't have true emergencies. This means that you can walk in and know that a doctor will see you that day. Because urgent care centers don't have to deal with things like heart attacks and serious trauma, they'll be able to get to your child much sooner. When your child is cranky or otherwise upset due to illness or injury, being able to be seen as soon as possible can be a huge relief.

Most ailments treated: The average urgent care center has the ability to treat a wide range of things, from giving standard immunizations to setting broken bones. They can prescribe various medications and treatments. If your child is bleeding seriously, then you should certainly take him or her to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, there's a good chance that your local urgent care center will be able to do everything necessary in order to get your child back on the path to wellness.

Pharmacies on-site: While not true of every urgent care center, many urgent care locations have pharmacies located inside or in the same general vicinity. When you have a sick child, you probably don't want to have to go driving halfway across town just to be able to obtain the medicine that was just prescribed for him or her.  Being able to get your prescription filled almost immediately will enable you to get your child home sooner so that he or she can take that medicine, rest, and start to feel better as soon as possible.


19 October 2017

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