3 Common Causes Of Ankle Injuries


Ankle injuries are incredibly common, but just because other people experience them doesn't mean that they don't hurt. Ankle injuries can be caused by many different things; these are some of the more common reasons why people injure their ankles. Regardless of how you hurt your ankle, however, you may want to see a foot and ankle doctor so that you can find out about the best treatment option for you.

1. Tripping and Falling

If you find yourself tripping over something and falling or slipping on a slippery surface, you could twist and injure your ankle, or you could land with some or all of your weight on your ankle. Depending on the severity of your injury and your pain, your doctor can work with you to help you determine the best treatment option.

2. Overtraining or Sports Injuries

One of the common reasons why people injure their ankles is related to athletic activity. If you are an athlete, pushing yourself too hard at practice or injuring yourself during a game can cause serious problems with your ankles.

If you are someone who loves to hit the gym to work out, then overtraining -- such as by running too much without enough rest days -- can cause problems with your ankles.

Making sure that you aren't overtraining or otherwise stressing yourself and wearing proper footwear can help, but once you have foot and ankle pain, you might find that you need to take time off from your favorite athletic activities until you have healed. Otherwise, you could experience serious pain and could end up making your injury worse.

3. Arthritis

In some cases, ankle injuries aren't actually caused by an injury at all. Instead, ankle pain can be caused by things like osteoarthritis, which can cause all of your joints to be attacked. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, it's not uncommon to find yourself dealing with ankle pain at some point. Fortunately, your doctor should be able to help you with an arthritis treatment that can help with this pain.

As you can see, there are various things that can cause ankle injuries. However, even though there are a host of different things that can cause these injuries, it is important to note that different types of injuries are often treated differently. If you are suffering from an ankle injury, it is a good idea to see a foot and ankle doctor. Then, he or she can help you determine the cause of your injury and can assist you with the proper treatment.


29 August 2017

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