3 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Electric Wheelchair


Mobility issues can seriously affect your ability to travel from one place to another. Having access to an electric wheelchair makes it easier to move around. These wheelchairs can serve as a valuable mobility tool, but only when they are functioning properly.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your electric wheelchair is properly maintained in order to preserve proper function in the future.

1. Check the chair's wheels.

Just as a flat tire can derail you when driving in an automobile, a flat tire on your electric wheelchair could leave you stranded and unable to move. Taking the time to regularly check the condition of your chair's wheels can be beneficial when it comes to keeping your electric wheelchair functioning properly.

Be sure that you look for any punctures or cracks that could cause the tire to lose pressure. Check to see that the chair's casters rotate freely, and lubricate these moving parts regularly to ensure proper function over time.

2. Check the chair's safety features.

It's important that you are able to maintain your personal safety while operating an electric wheelchair. To prevent serious injury during operation, your chair comes equipped with some important safety features. You should take the time to check that there is no fraying or wear on your seat belt.

Ensure that the buckle on the seat belt latches securely to help keep your body in place while the wheelchair is in motion. You should also test the manual braking system regularly to ensure you will be able to bring your wheelchair to a stop in the event the electrical brakes fail.

3. Check the chair's electrical connections.

In order for your electric wheelchair to function properly, it must be able to relay electrical signals from the circuit board to the chair's various components. You should regularly inspect all electrical connections for signs of wear.

Clean away any dirt or debris that could cause a faulty connection, and check wiring for signs of splitting or cracking to prevent your chair from short-circuiting in the future. You should also check to see that the battery is properly grounded and has the ability to charge fully in order to ensure that your wheelchair will have the power it needs to operate on a daily basis.

Keeping your electric wheelchair properly maintained will ensure that you have access to a functional and reliability mobility device for many years to come.


11 July 2017

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