3 Tips for Restoring Foot Health After Surgery

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After you have had bunion surgery or some other type of foot surgery that restores alignment to your foot, you might feel as though the recovery time is taking forever. You have to avoid putting pressure on it for a very long time and then, you are in a boot for weeks. You might have to do physical therapy depending on the severity of your surgery in order to regain the full range of motion. Here are some tips for restoring foot health after surgery so that you can go back to living your life as quickly as possible.

1. Figure Out What Caused the Problem & Avoid That Footwear

The first thing that you should look at is what caused your problems in the first place, assuming that it wasn't genetic. If part of the reason why you developed bunions or some other foot problem that required surgery was due to your choice of footwear, you will want to avoid that footwear at all costs. This is because wearing the offending footwear will put pressure on the part of your foot that just had surgery, extending the amount of time that it will take to fully heal. Wear shoes that have wide toes, provide support to your arches, and are not excessively elevated in terms of the heel in order to help ensure your swift recovery.

2. Wear Toe Correction Shoes if Your Toes Have Been Reconstructed

The next thing that you want to do is make sure that you are giving ample support to your toes if you have just had toe reconstruction surgery. You want to be sure that your toes, which are going to undergo a lot of pressure whenever you walk, are actually going to end up in the right position once the bone has been permanently set post-surgery. There are special shoes that you can buy that will allow your doctor to set the location where he or she wants the toes to end up and then adjust the supports within the shoe accordingly to force the toes into that optimal position at all times.

3. Keep Walking

Finally, once your toes and other parts of your feet are fitted with orthopedics and shoes that will guarantee their correct alignment, simply walking on your feet and performing other exercises that will force your feet to bear weight will help move them to a more permanent, optimal alignment.

For more information, talk to foot and ankle surgeons. 


6 January 2017

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