Prescribed Cannabis? 3 Reasons a CBD Vape Pen Could Be Ideal for You

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If you have been prescribed medicinal cannabis, you may have received criticism from some people who do not understand the benefits of your prescription. Perhaps you have found yourself trying to conceal the fact that you use cannabis and may avoid the conversation due to that criticism. Some people in your situation avoid certain social interactions because they cannot use their prescriptions if they need to, and, without it, they may experience pain or other unpleasant symptoms of their conditions or diseases. Some people have found CBD pens to be an effective solution. The following are a few things you may appreciate about these pens.


You have likely heard of e-cigarettes and vaping. CBD vape pens are used in a similar manner, but you will appreciate the fact that no one will know that you are actually vaping with medical CBD. The design of these pens also makes them easy to carry in public without causing a high degree of alarm. Some models even have carrying cases, which you can use to store the pens as well as any pertinent medical information related to your cannabinoid vape pen usage. 

No Smell

One thing that people tend to associate with cannabinoid use is the smell of the substance. Some people think it's a peculiar and noticeable smell. It can also be bothersome for some people who are sensitive to smoke smells. Perhaps that is one thing you dislike about your prescription if you have a respiratory issue. Investing in a CBD pen would allow you to get the healing effects of your prescription without having to smoke. This is because the pens utilize CBD oil, which makes them appropriate for use in non-smoking locations. For example, most hospitals do not allow smoking on their premises, but more are allowing vaping for those trying to quit or with a prescription. 


One of the main reasons some people cannot grasp the concept of medical cannabis is that they misunderstand the concept. Many of them think that people use their prescriptions to get high, and they fail to realize the sound medical reasons behind the prescribed substance. CBD oil contains low levels of THC. The levels are too low to cause psychoactive effects. It is also important to note that CBD oil is often derived from hemp rather than marijuana, which is why the levels of THC are lower in CBD oil. Hemp is in the same family as marijuana but does not deliver the same effects. 


10 November 2016

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