Tips Your Teen Should Remember When Wearing Non-Daily Use Contact Lenses

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Whether your son or daughter has worn glasses since early childhood or they recently failed a vision screening, contact lenses are a common addition to their wish list. While there is no doubt that contact lenses are an ideal solution to the vision problems of many people, teens are often more likely to skip on the appropriate cleaning and maintenance of their new lenses. Therefore, when planning for your son or daughter's use of contact lenses in the future, it is a good idea to discuss with them the following information.

They Should Be Careful About Water And Contact Lenses

If your teenager spends a lot of time swimming, they should be aware of the fact that neither tap water or pool water provide a good environment for contact lenses. While the chlorine and other chemicals in a pool may make the water safer to swim in as the result of killing some bacteria, it does not kill everything that could pose a problem. One example is the dangerous and rare Acanthamoeba, which has been known to damage vision as the result of a severe eye infection and can be found in pool water. Therefore, contact lenses should never be worn in a swimming pool.

It is also important for your teenager to know that he or she can never use plain water to rinse or soak their new lenses. Unfortunately, tap, sterile, and bottled waters lack the antiseptic properties of the products that your eye doctor will recommend and infections are more likely.

They Shouldn't Plan To Sleep In Contact Lenses

Whether it is a study hall where little studying goes on or a babysitting job that runs till the wee hours of the morning, many teenagers are known for taking catnaps. When they do so, it is crucial to always have a set of eyeglasses nearby. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of developing an eye infection that could impair their vision.

Fortunately, your son or daughter can minimize their risk by simply removing their contact lenses before a snooze and perhaps, attempting to study instead of nap in study hall.

Despite significant advances in eye-wear in the last few years, contact lenses continue to be preferred by people of all ages due to their ease of use. If your teenager is asking for them, it is important to be sure that they have the necessary information about the proper use and storage of their contact lenses. As a result, you should plan to discuss with them the information listed above.

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25 July 2016

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