Three Questions To Ask Your Young Child's Pediatrician As A First-Time Parent

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As a first-time parent of a young child, it's especially important that your child is receiving care from the right pediatrician. While more seasoned parents can often rely less on their medical professionals -- outside of regular checkups, of course -- first-time parents can find themselves concerned over the smallest details related to their child's health. When this is the case, knowing a kind and gentle expert is nearby can be a considerable comfort. It's beneficial to seek recommendations from other parents in your community and put together a list of choices. You can then call a few pediatricians and have a conversation that can indicate how comfortable you'd feel with this doctor taking care of your child. Here are three questions to ask.

What Is Your Stance On Prescribing Antibiotics?

While antibiotics are highly valuable in a wide range of situations, there are some concerning side effects such as adverse reactions to the medication. If you're the type of first-time parent who values a health practitioner who doesn't go straight to prescribing drugs, asking this question can make sure that you and the pediatrician are on the same page. Many pediatricians will suggest lifestyle and dietary changes -- provided the child isn't experiencing a severe medical emergency -- that can be tried before the use of antibiotics.

Do You Respond To Emails?

Any first-time parent will find himself or herself wanting reassurance from a pediatrician via email. If you're online looking at potential symptoms that your child is experiencing, for example, you might be tempted to send off a quick email to your pediatrician explaining the situation. Many pediatricians will liaise with the parents of their patients via email, although some might kindly suggest that you keep your correspondence to a reasonable level. Knowing that your health expert is just a few keystrokes away can help you feel reassured.

Do You Have Advanced Training In A Specific Area?

Although you can expect your child's pediatrician to be well-versed in a variety of children's health issues, many such professionals seek advanced training in specific areas. It's beneficial to know the pediatrician's areas of expertise before you proceed. For example, a pediatrician might have extensively studied breastfeeding techniques, which can prove helpful if you're concerned about your ability to care for your child in this area. Another pediatrician could have a particular focus on dietary and digestive issues that can be beneficial if you have a history of dietary complications in your family.

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9 March 2016

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