Kickstart Your Weight Loss With Your Doctor's Help

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There are many people who will argue that diets don't work. For some experts, there has to be an emphasis on lifestyle changes in order to make weight loss permanent. Although most will agree there needs to be serious changes in lifestyle to maintain optimal health, dieting done right can be a great catalyst for starting the journey to a permanent change. For many people, opting for a supervised weight-loss program or physician supervised diet is a great way to go. Here are 3 solid reasons you should go to your doctor:

Get a Program Tailored to Your Current Health Needs

One of the best reasons to go to any doctor for any weight-loss program is to have a plan developed based on your current health, not just your body mass index score (BMI). This means that your doctor will look at the composition of muscle, fat, bone, and water of your body and not just the number on a scale. He or she will also look at your predilections to certain foods and at any underlying or chronic illnesses. Not only will your doctor give you a physical exam and provide testing, he or she will help you with a tailored nutritional plan. Doctors have access to the latest and safest weight-loss supplements and medications, and they can determine if your healthy enough to be prescribed new weight-loss drugs. Being evaluated before taking any supplement, and being properly advised on the risks, will help you mitigate health problems when using dieting aids.

Get Measured Results Every Month

Many doctors who supervise patient health loss will also provide measured results each week or month, depending on your schedule. Instead of just stepping on a scale, you can have a doctor measuring your heart rate, fat percentage, and exact weight. When you have to be accountable to a professional and measure results from your weight-loss program, it is far more motivating to keep going strong. If you aren't getting typical results, your doctor can adjust your plan accordingly.

Get a Plan That's Paid For Through Insurance

It may not be possible to have insurance pay for all supervised weight-loss programs; however, many companies will pay for proven diet plans approved by a doctor. If you have a condition that is threatening your health, it is likely your health insurance will cover some or all of the cost of your new diet. This could mean that your medications and doctor visits won't cost you anything. Your medications may also be free or reduced significantly in cost.

Whether you have struggled with your weight for years and want to get healthier or have a serious health risk to do obesity, you'll be able to diet healthier with the help of a doctor. They have the knowledge and tools to make dieting a much safer and effective process.  


9 March 2016

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