How To Get Medicine Without The Long Pharmacy Wait

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Getting your medication can be frustrating, especially if you run out to your pharmacy on your lunch hour and spend so much time waiting that you don't have time to eat. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of time that you spend waiting at the pharmacy for your medications.

1. Sign Up for Auto-Refills

Many pharmacies offer the option to sign up for automatic refills. This works best for medication that you have to take a certain number of times a day or a week because it allows the pharmacy to accurately predict when you will need more medication. The way these programs work is that they automatically refill your prescriptions when you run out. Then, a computer system will send you an email or text, or send you an automatic message by phone to let you know that your medications are ready to be picked up. You can then go to the pharmacy to pick up your medication, saving you the wait between putting in your refill and when it is actually filled.

2. Go During Unpopular Times

Try to avoid going to the pharmacy right before nine, when many people go to work, around lunch hour, and right after most people get off of work, which is usually around five or six. By going to the pharmacy during times that are not as busy, you can be certain to speak to a pharmacist more quickly and have them fill your prescription immediately, rather than have to wait for your turn in the queue. 

This also applies for picking up your medication if it has automatically been refilled. If you go to a pharmacy when it is especially busy, you will have to wait to even have a pharmacist check you out.

3. Order Medication Online

Finally, it is possible for your medication to be ordered online. You will be able to purchase generics and other cheaper alternatives to your medication. These medications can automatically be refilled and sent directly to your home, allowing you to avoid the pharmacy all together. The only downside with this method of avoiding pharmacy waits is that you need to plan ahead. If you happen to forget to order your medication before you run out, you might be without medication for a few days unless you pay expensive fees to have the medication shipped overnight.

For more information about getting the best pharmacy services, talk to your pharmacist.


30 July 2015

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