3 Pieces Of Low Impact Workout Equipment That Help You Work Up A Sweat

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If you would love to start working out again, but don't feel that you are physically capable of doing high impact workouts right now, or if your doctor has recommended that you avoid high impact workouts due to an injury or medical condition, then it is a good idea to do low impact workouts instead. These workouts will help you to get your heart rate up and will also help you to work up a sweat without causing any unnecessary or dangerous strain on your body. This article will take about 3 pieces of low impact workout equipment that will help you to work up a sweat. 

Mini Trampoline

A mini trampoline is a great piece of workout equipment because it will allow you to work up a sweat by jumping and doing different fitness routines on it, without having your body ever have to come in contact with the hard floor. There are several different mini trampoline workout routines on DVDs, as well as online, that you can follow. These workouts generally last for about 30 minutes to an hour, or you can come up with your own routine to do that is as long as you would like. Also keep in mind that if you feel you are pushing too hard on your body while doing any of these jumping workouts, you can modify them. 


An elliptical is also a great piece of equipment to use because it mimics a lot of the same muscles used during running and climb, without putting much impact on them at all. You can choose the level of incline that you have on your elliptical, as well as the resistance against your legs. Since you can modify both of these things, you can tailor your workouts to exactly what you feel you are capable of. Many injured runners use the elliptical to keep up their fitness levels until they can run again, because it is such a great overall workout. 

Stationary Bike

If even the act of standing is too much for your body in your current condition, you can give a stationary bike a try. This bike will allow you to stay in a seated position during your entire workout, while giving your upper thighs and calves a killer workout. You can once again choose the level of resistance on the bike, as well as the length of your workout. You can push yourself incredibly hard on the bike, without ever placing high levels of strain or stress on your overall body. 


24 March 2015

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