Looking Younger By Getting Two Facial Surgeries

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As you get older, one of the best ways to stay looking young is by getting surgery. Because there are so many different options, you may want to consider what will be the biggest impact first. Then, as your body heals, you can do additional surgeries to get back to looking like you did when you were younger. Throughout the surgical process you will want to consider balancing looking younger with having your surgically enhanced areas look congruent with areas that you have chosen to not have worked on. 

The areas that are most important to improve first are on your face. Because these areas are exposed to the elements more frequently, they can look aged and weathered faster than other parts of your body. Additionally, they are seen by more people than other areas and foundational clothing and accessories won't help you to make your face look younger. Instead, the best option is to do touch-up surgery. There are two main surgeries you should consider.

Forehead lift

One of the places where you can get serious frown lines and wrinkles is in your forehead. Because of the structure of your face and skull, resolving this is a fairly simple surgery. During the surgery, your forehead is pulled taut and laid to rest on 4 small screws that are drilled into your skull. Once your skin has reconnected with your skull, these screws are removed and your forehead will look 20 years younger. The recovery time for this surgery is relatively mild because you aren't working with multiple joints and connections. It is not a time-consuming surgery either, and you can leave the doctor's office the same day that you have it.


A facelift can be done in conjunction with a forehead lift to rejuvenate your entire face. Small sections of skin are removed by the ears and then the skin is separated from the underlying tissue so that it can be pulled tight again. The best time to do a facelift is before you really notice that your face is aging. Part of this is because your skin is more supple and it won't look unnatural when you get it lifted. Another part is because it doesn't need a drastic change. If you have too many wrinkles and get your face pulled taut it can often look odd and out of sorts. By doing the facelift in stages over the course of many years, it will create a natural looking progression that will help you look your best.

These two surgeries will help you to look younger and as a result, you'll feel better.


2 February 2015

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