More Than The Basic Haircut: 3 Crucial Things You Need To Learn At Beauty School


If you are planning to go to beauty school, you will learn everything there is to know about hair styling, makeup, and more. However, there are some other very important skills you will need to master before you enter the beauty business:

Proper Communication

The business of beauty is nothing without customers. Customers come to you not only because they like how you style their hair, but also because they like you as a person. A great way to have a repeat customer is knowing how to communicate with them. Your customers want you to listen to them so you understand the style they want.

At the same time, you have to learn how to tell them what you think will and won't work so that they don't leave the salon unhappy. You need to master the art of talking to people in a nice, professional manner while still being able to be friendly.

Problem Solving Skills

From time to time, you may encounter some problems that come up. Issues can range from a customer not liking a haircut, getting the color wrong, or they just didn't like the overall experience for whatever reason. You need to learn how to deal with these problems appropriately or you risk losing customers. If you are trying a completely new style on someone, ask them as you go along how they like it so far. Getting their insight before the cut is final is one way you can tell how they feel and get an idea of what they want before you actually do it.

If you experience a problem with a customer after the style, calmly do whatever you can to try to remedy it. If their color didn't come out how they wanted, offer to go over it one more time. If their cut isn't what they wanted, let them come back and have it fixed for free. Do what you can to keep your customers happy.

General Business Knowledge

When you go into the beauty industry, you may not think you need any business knowledge. However, if you ever intend to open your own salon, you definitely need to know at least the basics before you can jump in. You will need to know what all is needed to open your business, what licenses and permits you need, how to hire a staff, and how to market your services. Not knowing how to do these things can lead to a business that does not thrive.

Going to beauty schools in order to learn is more than learning how to do hair. Make sure you always remember that while beauty is a fun career, it is also an important profession that needs to be taken seriously. Knowing how to handle problems and how to operate a business can play a major role in your career.


27 January 2015

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