Choosing The Best Option For Your Loved One


With the baby boomer population increasingly aging and becoming seniors, many families are struggling with how to effectively care for this generation. Many of them are still competent enough to take care of themselves, but for those who require more attention, families struggle with the decision on who will care for them. Fortunately, there are many senior care options available for families to choose from. The main factor in determining the appropriate care for anyone is their level of independence. This dictates how much attention they actually need. 

Assisted Living Homes

For seniors who require little assistance on a daily basis, an assisted living home may be the best option. It is one of the fast growing options for senior care. In most assisted living facilities, there is an age requirement and health assessment that needs to be done in order to qualify. Generally, the costs associated with an assisted living facility covers only room and board. Most places will offer meal service and activities. The biggest benefit of this option is having a staff in place should the senior need anything, but for the most part, the senior lives independently. 

Home Care

For many families having their loved one at home means a lot to them. This can be difficult if the senior requires a lot of care. Senior home care services can be costly depending on the amount of care needed. It also allows the senior to feel more comfortable while they are cared for in their home. Typically, this causes less anxiety for the senior and the family. More often, a certified nursing assistant or other type of caregiver from a place like In Your Home Care will take on shifts to care for the person. In many cases, insurance will help cover some or all of the costs associated with the home care. 

Nursing Facilities

For those who require a lot of care and the family has no way of taking care of them, there is the option of a nursing facility. This can be one of the most difficult options to choose as it removes the senior from their home and places them in a dependent care facility. For seniors who are dependent on others full-time, the nursing facility option can prove to be best. In this capacity, they will get around the clock care including personal care and medical care as needed. This too can be costly, but insurance can cover some or all of it depending on the insurance plan. 


21 January 2015

hiring a home care service to improve quality of life

If you are currently struggling to care for an elderly, disabled or special needs loved one, you likely have little time to take care of yourself. Did you know that failing to take care of yourself can make things more difficult for the person that you are trying to care for? Hiring a home care service to assist you in the daily care of your loved one will go a long way in improving the quality of life that both you and your loved one experience. I have gathered information that can help you decide on a home care service to help you and your loved one through difficult months or years.