Top Questions Concerning Involving Family Members in Advance Funeral Planning


Years ago, when a family member died it was common practice to hold the funeral service in their home, say a few words on their behalf, and then bury the person on the family property. All of this was carried out by family members of the deceased. In modern times, it is considered responsible for individuals to make their own funeral arrangements in advance to prevent the family from having to bear the task after death. However, pre-planning your funeral without the support of your family may seem like a lonely venture. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning the involvement of family members in advance funeral planning.

Should a loved one be present during the initial funeral home consultation?

It is always a good idea to bring along a close family member when you have your initial consultation at the funeral home. Even though this is a plan for something that is yet to happen, the idea of immersing yourself in the reality that someday your life will end can be emotionally trying. Furthermore, your family member can help you make decisions and serve as a witness to your last wishes.

Are there aspects of the funeral that should be chosen and planned by a family member instead of you?

While the answer to this question is really a matter of opinion, many people do feel that family should make certain decisions. While there will be things you would prefer to plan, such as where you are buried or who speaks at your service, a few things you may want to get a loved one's input on include:

  • The music or songs that are played at the service
  • What you wear for the event
  • What pictures should be displayed
  • Who will be the pallbearers

Keep in mind that a funeral service is designed to help loved ones say goodbye after you are gone in spite of the fact your last wishes should be carried out. Therefore, many aspects of the funeral should be comforting to family members.

Is it possible for a family member who was involved in planning to make changes without your consent?

Once you have completed your funeral arrangements, no one will be able to walk in and make changes without your consent. So even though you involve a family member in the planning, it will not take the final plans out of your control.

Planning a funeral in advance is not jut logical, but generous as well. It is overwhelming for family and friends to take on this complex task after you are gone. Involving someone close to you in the process will only make it easier to tackle this task. Be sure you take some time to make arrangements for your last wishes with your preferred funeral home (such as Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Home).


15 January 2015

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